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State Of The Market

As we approach the year's end speculation continues as to what to expect for 2024. Many say interest rates will be falling through the year, with many hoping for early signs of rate relief. There was an interruption to that narrative yesterday, when the year's final inflation numbers were announced. The steady decline in the rate of inflation came to an end yesterday, with inflation holding steady at 3.1%. ...


2024 Predictions

No one knows!

It's everyone's favourite guessing game at the moment- what will house prices and interest rates be in 2024?

There are no shortage of opinions- from economists and professionals to people who haven't bought or sold a home in...


Another Month Of Housing Declines

Sales in November were sluggish, with 421 residences changing hands. That's historically low, and about half of the volume compared to the peak Covid years. Prices were down concurrently, with the average falling to $605K, a significant decline...


The Rule Of 72

The rule of 72- Not all debt is bad.

There are lots of opinions on this- I'm just talking about my views and not giving advice!

Somewhere in my life I got out of the idea that the goal was to buy a house and pay off that mortgage AS SOON ...


Big Projects & Big Developments

Maybe it’s because I always wanted to live in a big city, but the amount of new towers being planned in London makes me happy.

In addition to all the previous projects announced and approved, we recently got word that the former Health Uni...


The Growth Challenge

Bank of Canada rate announcements, changes in the bond market, inflation rate pronouncements, employment numbers, home sales statistics – we're being conditioned to look at these short term changes and respond accordingly. Longer term dyn...


New AirBNB Announcements!

If you’re running an Airbnb you need to pay attention.

Some major changes were announced that will drastically impact the industry.

I used to be a fan of what Airbnb was about- like staying over at a friend’s place while you were out ...


Bundle Up For Winter

If an economic soft landing is our hope, there was some welcome news this week. Promising inflation numbers provided some confidence and cover to Canada’s central bankers. It's possible we won’t have to suffer the calamity of deep r...


3 Things To Do Before Selling

You need to hear this before selling your house. I’ve got 3 things you absolutely must do in this market and 1 thing that gets you in trouble.

If you’ve been addicted to House Sigma or reading all the real estate headlines, it isn’t sh...


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